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For more than 20 years, The Cochran Law Firm have stood ready to aid businesses and individuals in Oregon and Washington and beyond with counsel regarding land use, zoning, real estate taxation and more.


For more than 20 years, The Cochran Law Firm have stood ready to aid businesses and individuals in Oregon and Washington and beyond with counsel regarding land use, zoning, real estate taxation and more. The Cochran Law Firm is a boutique law practice focused on providing businesses with real estate and zoning services, sales of residential and commercial real estate, boundary disputes they need to extend their operations or expand their property. Our Firm is more than capable of protecting their clients’ investments through real estate tax services. condominium development, loan workouts, subdivision, land use. evictions and for businesses or multiple property owners.

The Cochran Law Firm in Portland, OR serves clients in several niche practice areas. The firm stands apart from other firms through its history and its unique focus on all aspects of commercial real estate law, development, eviction, subdivision, partition, loan workouts and real estate taxation for multiple property owners. Their approach is defined by:

A Unique combination of services for portland and the surrounding counties

  • Boutique services — The Cochran Law Firm houses comprehensive commercial real estate practice areas under one roof, coupled with attorneys capable of addressing development, subdivision, commercial leasing and litigation, condominiums, evictions, partition, sales and purchase of real estate and real estate taxation matters. Their lawyers are capable of addressing any issues that face multiple or commercial property owners.
  • Experience — Every attorney with Cochran Law Firm LLC has more than a decade of experience practicing solely within his or her field. Clients are not passed off to support staff or paralegals, but work directly with those lawyers handling their case.

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Comprehensive land use, zoning and real estate taxation services

The Cochran Law Firm offers clients a range of services within real estate and related matters. Their practice includes a focus on:

  • Real estate — The Cochran Law Firm focuses on real estate and related services. Their attorneys have decades of experience handling purchase and sale contracts, the legal requirements for condominiums and commercial real estate and commercial lease issues.
  • Zoning — Zoning is an important and often difficult topic that developers, professionals and businesses must face. Matters such as variances, special use permits, zoning amendments and public entitlements can greatly influence planning and budget.
  • Land use — Planning or expanding a business requires ensuring the property it is located on complies with land use restrictions put in place by respective City and County's Land Use Planning and Policy Division. New construction projects must go through a particular process before they can commence. The attorneys of Cochran Law Firm help businesses with this process.
  • Condemnation —Property that is condemned or qualifies for eminent domain invokes certain legal procedures. Understanding rights and options of property owners requires an attorney well versed in Oregon and Washington property law.
  • Real estate taxation — Property tax exemptions can be critical to businesses in Portland, OR, Vancouver, WA, Salem, OR and Seattle, WA and the ancillary counties. The Attorneys of The Cochran Law Firm have practiced before various boards of review, and can guide businesses through the legal process.

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Business and property owners should have experienced legal counsel at their side. The law offices of The Cochran Law Firm LLC in Portland, OR protect clients from costly liability and work to shield them from unfair tax assessments and many other issues regarding their real estate investments as these real estate investments are very valuable to our Clients and deserve competent, focused and undevoted attention to protect our Client's most often most important asset in their life and portfolios. To learn more about services available, contact them at 360-601-8157 or online and speak with one of their lawyers.