The Cochran Law Firm is located in Portland, Oregon and serves Oregon and Washington cases alike from Oregon Federal District Courts, Seattle and Washington Federal District Courts, all Counties in both States in addition to Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas, Clark, Marion and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The Cochran Law Firm started its goal of providing affordable and and precise legal strategies to help the Clients of Oregon and Washington in 2004. The Cochran Law Firm LLC has never had a dissatisfied customer since its inception as its goal is to work hand in hand with its Clients as a sort of partner as it walks alongside the Client closely to make sure it does not allow the legal problems to fester too long or grow and become debilitating or create more stress or problems than is absolutely necessary.


The Cochran Law Firm practices in the areas of Real Estate, Divorce, Probate and Intellectual Property. The Firm has associates and professionals specialized in each area of these legal fields with experience in each respective field. The Firm has ability to appear in any State Court in Oregon and Washington, Federal Court in either Oregon and Washington, Appellate Court for the Ninth Circuit, Bankruptcy Court as well as administrative hearings in both States for protection against certain State Claims, licensing, taxes, charging orders, contempt, subpoenas, review board orders and motions for review and investigation. This Firm has seen and been involved in many different types of legal cases brought against its Clients and has the experience and insight to help advise the Client appropriately through whatever attacks the Client is facing.